Sonas Technologies is a Global Company that develops, manufactures and markets advanced high resolution Ultrasonic systems for materials analysis.

In 2007 Sonas Technologies acquired the rights to the novel HR-US technology and the Ultrasonic Scientific product range and are now making these breakthrough products available worldwide.

High Resolution Ultrasonic Spectroscopy for Material Characterization

Award winning high resolution ultrasonic spectrometers provide an unprecedented range of  analytical capabilities for pharmaceutical, biotech, personal/health care, food/beverage, polymer and petrochemical industry.

Applications of this technique include analysis of chemical reactions, conformational or phase transitions, aggregation and gelation processes, stability of colloids, micelle analysis, ligand binding, composition analysis and many others.

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Colloid Stability

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Product Range Features:

high Resolution


no optical activity, no  optical markers required

can analyze opaque samples

small sample volume (down to 0.03mL)

no consumables required

can measure in flow

broad temperature range


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