ultrasonic investigation of solute-solvent and solute-solute interactions in aqueous solutions of bases, nucleosides and nucleotides. 2. ph-dependent solute-solvent interactions

Buckin V.A., Sarvazyan A.P., Dudchenko E.J. and Hemmes P.

J. Phys. Chem., 84, pp. 696-699 (1980)

The effect of pH on the sound velocity of solutions of various nucleosides and nucleotides has been studied.  These velocity titration curves can be interpreted in terms of the changes in hydration which occur during this  reaction.  A procedure is presented to enable one to  calculate  the  number,  n,  of protons which may titrate with a single inflection. In order to interpret the curves it is necessary to correct for the effects of ion binding and relaxational contribution to  the  sound velocity. Information about the change in hydration which accompanies ion pairing can be obtained from the velocity titration.

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