A unique software package has been designed for complete computer control of the high-resolution synthesis and analysis of electronic signals. User friendly interface with a novel look and click approach makes all operations exceptionally easy. Several automatic measuring algorithms are incorporated in the software, which allow the user to combine full control with the flexibility of the measuring regimes.

All our spectrometers come with a fully configured control centre:

  • Includes instrument control and data handling software

  • User Friendly 'Click & View'

  • Standard Data storage formats

  • Compatible with most professional graphic and data analysis packages

  • Automated Settings and Measurement Procedures

  • In built data analysis and graphic handling routines

  • Specific Add-On applications (particle size analyzer, curve fitting module, etc.)

  • Software Upgrade and Support Plans available

  • 1 year warranty and free software upgrades

  • 1 year software support

Snapshot of version


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