High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectrometer HR-US 102 HTP

The High Throughput (HTP) Ultrasonic Spectrometer has the added capability of semi-automated sample introduction. This allows for the fast filling, emptying and cleaning of the ultrasonic cells. It is ideal for analysis of large quantities of samples, to study batch-to-batch variation, sample stability, composition, the presence of crystals or aggregates, particle size etc. It is ideal for measuring a wide variety of liquid systems, from dilute solutions to concentrated emulsions.


Technical parameters of the model

- Two 1ml cells for parallel or differential sample analysis

- Internal diameter of inlet and outlet tubes 3mm

- Variable speed pump system (speed from 130ml/min to 25ml/min)

- Frequency Range from 2 to 18 MHz (cells with extended frequency range are available on request)

- High-Resolution & Reproducibility (down to±0.2mm/s for Velocity and 0.2% Attenuation)

- Variety of Measurement Regimes:

   o Temperature Ramp Mode

   o Kinetic Mode

   o Multi-Frequency Mode

- Temperature Range -20șC to 120șC

- Absolute Temperature Control down to 0.01șC


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